Some Video For Launch Window

2016-10-31 18:18:08 by Voltus

hey there I recently found out my daw can make videos too... so here you go:


New Track for 2016

2016-09-25 13:15:13 by Voltus

I couldn't believe it either... I made some dubstep!

Check it out here:

New Mixtape on Mixcloud

2015-06-17 12:50:16 by Voltus

Hey there,

I made a new mix for mixcloud and since I haven't postet much on here, consider this as a little update. New music coming soon ;)

Let the funk live!

NG Audio Portal Podcast

2015-02-17 12:18:40 by Voltus

Hey there you nearly 30 people!

Just wanted to promote the NGAPP a little. It is a weekly podcast with dj's like me and @Chozz and hopefully more to come in future! We try to give newgrounds artists another spotlight and also provide the listener with a comfortable way to find new and awesome artists. So give it a listen and tell us what you think about it.

Here are some links to Podcast #4: