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Final Fantasy 8 - Battle Final Fantasy 8 - Battle

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Alright so at first i thought that muted rapid highhat was preety cool but after a while it starts really draging out and getting a little annoying. also you dont have enough dynamic variation in you drums and other sounds a lot of it sounds like you have it on fixed velocities which makes it sound pretty dead. also the swooshy lead with the longer attack time is not really my favorite. you could have used something that sounds more like the strings from the original. and everything sounds pretty standard midi tracky. so you could have put a little more life into everything imho.

so overall quite solid but you should work on your sound design skills. I hope i didnt upset you with my sort of critical review. happy music making! :)

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PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

I'm happy to have a critical review like this. Honestly, others have said in the past that my music sounded dead and I never understood what that meant. So what you're saying is that more variety and velocity adjustments will make a big difference. I can see that . . . Paying attention to details.

Thank you so much for the review. Seriously. I think this is gonna help

What a Horrible Night... With Vocals... (Demo) What a Horrible Night... With Vocals... (Demo)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Overall I think this is a great Idea and you wrote a fitting text to the piece. But you could have used different instrumentation to underline your Vocals a bit more and spice everything up a little. the background track sounds like a low budget midi track. you might have intended it to sound this way but i would have prefered a little more "alive" instrumentation.

but I like the song and I like people singing on newgrounds so kudos to you!

mamaluigi1128 responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback, yeah it's a demo and I recorded my vocals over the track rather than mixing it in properly. My original intention for the track by itself without the vocals, was to simulate the feeling of listening to a live orchestra, which explains the placement of certain instruments in this track. The original instrumental track I recorded sounds almost entierely different without the vocals interfering. I referred to multiple charts and examples of how a live orchestra was actually setup, and based off those charts and variables within my workstation, I was able to fine tune it to where I was happy, and both channels of audio reached equilibrium. My other goal was also to somewhat replicate what the song would sound like on a cross between a PC Engine CD and a Sharp X68000, similar to how it was in Rondo of Blood (

I am currently working on improving it by reworking the song entirely, hopefully by next month I'll have something even better to show for it.

guys can i put distortion plugin onto the master guys can i put distortion plugin onto the master

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its great to break rules. but if you break the rules you should know what you're doing. Even if T H E Y told you ;)

If you put disto on the master, try and work it. I mean you tried, and i think it sounds kind of rad but you could have played with it a little more. Do every weird thing you can to utilize the distortion and make it do cool stuff. You used the Drums and Bass to trigger it but you could have used more subtle sounds to make it more interesting. You did that in the end but could have done so in the break and before. Also I think the beat in and of itself is not really inspiring. pretty standard dnb in my opinion. could have spiced it up a bit more.

So overall I think this is a nice experiment. You used the Disto relatively well and it could have gone way worse! 4 STARS TO YOU!!

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5TanLey responds:

yeah there isn't much of stuff other than bass and drums in this song, could've add some little blips

I don't do "inspiring" experimental beats every time just for sake of being original, I just do whatever works with the rhythm of the instruments, this one does the job in my opinion

thanks for the review :)

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Untitled Untitled

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

gorgeous, I'm no visual artist but I think it would enhance the piece if you would put a bit more contour on everything so it looks a little sharper